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Customizing the Project Test Cases view

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  • Customizing the Project Test Cases view

    Hi is it possible to have the 'Description' field shown when clicking on the 'Project Test Cases'. It only shows ID and Title.

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    If this is for the list view when clicking on a test suite only the single line fields are able to be displayed, you can choose which of the fields to hide or display by right clicking on the header for a column.


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      When clicking on 'Project Test Cases' in the left side view it only shows ID and Title in the right side view. When i right click the header in the right side view i can only enable\disable ID and Title. My question: Is it possible to have the 'Description' shown aswell?


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        No it isn't currently possible to show the description as it's a multi line field, the only other information displayed at this level can be shown by enabling the "Show extra information" option (Settings -> Options) which will display a count of the total expected and total actual times and percent passed value for the test cases in the suite.