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Accessing UNC share in IIS 6.0

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  • Accessing UNC share in IIS 6.0

    When setting up TestLog Web access, I get to the screen that shows you the testlog db to view, but when I click on it I get the below error

    Unable to open session.
    The database path does not exist or cannot be accessed (\\server\share...\...\testlogdatabase.tdb).

    In the config file I have the below for teh db

    #The paths to the databases, absolute paths

    I am running with an Application Pool using the Network service for the web site so I suspect that when navigating to the web and clicking on the db, it is trying to connect to the UNC but that the Identity of the pool does not have permissions.

    Has anyone set this up (under IIS 6 accessing an UNC path)? If so, how did you setup your Application Pool?

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    The default user IIS runs as doesn't have permission to access items across a network. In the "Accessing TestLog Remotely - Web Access" section of the TestLog user guide is a section called "IIS and UNC Paths" that gives an example way of changing IIS settings to allow access to the UNC path. Also check that the database has permissions set that will allow the IIS user the access it.