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Merge Like Test Cases for Multiple Testers

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  • Merge Like Test Cases for Multiple Testers

    I have four people testing the same set of test cases. They will each be testing the same test cases.

    Is it best practice to set up a separate Project for each tester?

    If so, is it possible to merge the test results when testing is completed?

    If not, how should the test results be reported? For example, should actual time spent be incremented for each tester? Should each tester append to the notes?

    You have a great product and I am sure you will continue to make it better. This particular issue may be more of a human engineering issue than an issue with using the software.

    Thanks, Bob

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    It would probably be best having a separate top level project test suite for each tester rather than a project as you can create and compare reports easier if it is in a single project.

    However there isn't an easy way to merge the results of several test cases into one and it would need to be done manually, by adding the actual time for each tester together and merging their results obtained into the same test case. The final merged test case would also lack proper test case history and would not generate progress reports as well as it could with separate test cases.

    If the testers are working sequentially, so one person finishes the test case before the other starts, it would probably be easier for each subsequent tester to add their results to the same test case and increase the number of attempts and the actual duration time.