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  • Reset Status Name

    When I go to Customnize Fields and change the name of status "Other" to "In Progress" it changes the status of project test cases from "Other" to "Not yet attempted".

    Is this by design? Can it not be made to change "Other" to "In Progress" in the project test cases?

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    Currently if an existing status is renamed/deleted the existing project test cases and history entries with that status will not be changed. The next time that test case is opened it's status will no longer match the current list and will choose the default status.

    It's best to customise the status project before creating the project test cases so they remain constant throughout the life of the project.

    For the next major version we're keeping the idea of adding an update option in mind for customising the status so current project test cases will be updated to match, though this could be complex and quite a slow operation.