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  • evaluation Webaccess 3.0 build 1025

    I have evaluated the web access module. I found the following bugs and suggestions for improvements:

    1) Upon creation of a new (project) test suite it is not possible to add a “title” or “description”. It is also not possible to add it after creation

    2) Upon creation of a new test suite, the following error apperars:
    “TestLog: Couldn't load template file - Please select a template to use from the Display Style option under the Edit menu (TestLog standalone) or the Configuration link (TestLog CGI).”
    The template was already selected and saved. The new test suite is created

    3) Upon creation of a new (project) test case: a screen appears where you must fill in “New test case name”. This is in fact the Test-ID. It is not possible add the title of the test case. (or edit it )

    4) Upon creation of a test case: When you press the button “get date” for the fields “Test Creation Time & Test Creation Date” and “Test Updated Time & Last Updated Date” the following happens: Time format changes: example: 08:30:09 becomes 8:30:9. Day field becomes empty

    5) Upon creation /edit test case : field “Test configurations”, “Test resources” should be dropdown lists

    6) upon saving I get sometimes the following error message : “Unable to log in as the maximum number of licensed users (1) are already logged in.” I am 100% sure I am the only one using the web-application.

    7) If you are logged into 1 database, and directly click on “home” and select another database, you get the following message “Unable to log in as the maximum number of licensed users (1) are already logged in.”
    (now, you first have to use the “back”button (twice), and use the link “log out” before you can access the second database)

    The fields in de “body ”of the test case (from “Requirements” to “External description link” ) are displayed only on the left side of the screen. It would be helpful of the fields would be editable over the complete width of the screen .

    9) If you add a file link to the test case in the field “External description link” (example: C:\Test)
    a hyperlink is added to the test case. However this link does not work (hyperlink: file:///C:/Test). In the fat-client the link does work. Same for project testcases including the external result link

    10) In “Edit” mode of testcases : the order of fields is:
    Requirements- Expected Test duration- Perequisites
    In “show” mode of testcases:
    Expected Test Duration -Prerequisites - Requirements
    In fat client:
    Expected Test Duration -Prerequisites - Requirements

    In Edit mode it should be the same as others.

    11) in “show” mode of test cases . There is no link in the requirements fields. In the fat-client there is functionality which shows a link in combination with the Requirements path in the setup options

    12) upon creation/edit of a project test case: “version tested”, “build tested”, “Test Configurations” and “Test Resources” should be dropdown lists

    13) no HTML editor for fields in Create/edit mode
    If you created an (project or normal) test case in the fat-client and you formatted the field (font size, bold + adding table) and you edit the testcase in the webclient, you must update the HTML-code!! This not very user friendly.

    14) It is not possible in the web application to see which version Testlog is currently running. It would be help full to see “V3.0 1025” somewhere displayed.

    15) There is no button to create bugs (link to bug-application) in the new or edit mode of project test cases (even if the path is specified in the config file)

    16) In the “show” mode of project test cases, the hyperlink of “fault id” is opened in the same browser window. This should be a new window.

    17) If a user has only “read” rights the following links are available;
    “New project test suite” “new project test case”, “new test case” “new test suite”, “edit”.

    It be would be better to disable these functions and not show them at all.

    If you use these buttons, a new screen is shown to enter a “name” for the test suite /case. After confirming this you get the following message: “You do not have permission to edit files for this database”.

    However the test suites /test cases ARE created!

    If you have any questions regarding above mentioned items, i will be happy to answer them!

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    Thanks for the descriptive write-up, we've made a note too look at them for the next build, i've addressed some of them more specifically below.

    1 & 2. After entering a test suite name you should be redirected to the test suite edit window which allows you to add the title and description. This is reliant on the existence of the TestSuiteEdit.html template added in the last build, did you copy the new template files to the web server?

    Editing previously existing test suites should be added in the next release.

    3. This will be updated to ID instead of name.

    4. The time is because java script doesn’t format the time with leading 0’s, this won’t affect how the test case is saved (the leading 0’s should be added).

    The missing day appears to be an IE problem with the SetCreateTimeDate/ SetUpdateTimeDate java script functions in the edit templates and IE not recognising which option to select, some changes will be made for the next build to fix the missing date.

    6. It sounds like your session might be timing out while the edit window is open, you may need to increase the :TIMEOUT: value in the cgiconfig.cgi file.

    7. Logging into a different database is a separate login/session and unless you log out of the other database first your other session will still exist . This may be altered in future so multiple databases can be logged into for a single session.

    8. You can change the width of these fields by editing the style.css file for the template you are using and finding the matching edit class name, eg “.TL_NOTES1_EDIT” and changing the value for the width, either increasing the px amount or changing it to a %, eg 100%. If it is missing from the template you can add it to the same section eg:
    “ .TL_REQUIRE_EDIT { width: 100%; }”

    9. This is probably to do with the security levels of the browser and is probably stopping a file link being executed, there should be workarounds but it will depend on the browser you are using and the version.

    10. The templates will be updated for the next build but in the meantime you can change the order of the fields yourself if you wish by editing the template.

    11. There should be a link if the :VIEWREQPATH: flag in the cgiconfig.cgi file has been edited to add a tool/website to use for the link.

    13. Having a web based replacement for the current standalone WYSIWYG html editor will be a very complex and java script heavy solution, that said we’ll be keeping it in mind for the future.

    15. There should be an add bug button in both edit and new when the ADDBUGPATH flag has a value (i can’t replicate a missing add bug button), could you please tell me the path you are using here?

    17. There are plans to add a new level to the current user permissions for "create" but yes currently you can still create a test case/suite with only read permission (but not edit it).
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