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Scalable evaluate of "Testlog"

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  • Scalable evaluate of "Testlog"

    I have some questions about scalable of Testlog application.

    1. If i plan to use Testlog across company. Do you have implantation method to use like this. For the example, use the tool across company between China and New York. How we can sharing database? Do we need to use VPN or Fileshare across the country?

    2. How many user can access database simultaneous. Can we log on with 70 users in concurrent?

    It would be nice if you can answer my question before 6 April 2009

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    You can set up a file share with a VPN if everyone is using the desktop release of Testlog, but you will need a very high bandwidth connection.

    If you can arrange it a better situation is to have all the remote people using the web interface, which doesn't have a high bandwidth requirement. The only problem with this is that the web interface is not as functional as the full desktop version.

    THe maximum number of users depends on your hardware, bandwidth, number of test cases, operations performed by the users, etc.. there is no fixed number.


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      Thank you for your information, Passmark.
      I just saw a change log for new "TestLog 3.0 build 1025" can create/delete/view test case via "TestLog Web Access". So maybe this is the way to avoid direct-sharing the Database.