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    I'm evaluating TestLog for our company and have what may be a 'dumb' question, but how do you update a test case with the execution results using the web access?
    I've looked at the web access three times and clicked every clickable thing I could find, but haven't been able to locate this yet. And, yes, I can get to it in the full version.
    Btw, it'd really be nice if you had a search on your forums...I spent 30 minutes looking for a similar post so I wouldn't have to start a new thread that was a possible duplicate of another.

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    Once you have logged into the database and clicked on the project the top level of Project Test Suites / Cases are displayed, click on a project test suite will then display a list of project test cases each with an (edit) link that will open the project test case for editing. When viewing a project test case there is also an Edit link in the Actions toolbar, in the top left corner of the page.

    For forum search, there is a search box link just above the thread, just below and to the left of the user information box. The main search function on the PassMark homepage also includes the forum in it's results.