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TestLog database - test cases missing

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  • TestLog database - test cases missing

    Hello! I'm a frequent user of this program and for the first time have run into a fairly major issue with a deployment I'm piloting at a new job. I've got TestLog installed locally, with the trial license, and one web trial license that I've been using for several weeks. I added several layers of test cases under Test Cases, and built a couple of projects using some subset of these cases. On Friday, all was well. This morning, I powered on and...

    Test Cases folder is empty, but Project Test Cases are unchanged

    However, when I log in via the web UI (localhost\\testlog...) the cases are visible.

    My machine was powered off all weekend, so no permissions changes or deletions would have taken place. Before I have a heart attack and mourn the loss of my hard work from the last two weeks, is there a way to fix this?

    Installed on Win XP Pro

    Thanks so very much!


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    I've also recopied the tlg and tgp files to another directory and have the same issue. Could this be permissions based?


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      Firstly are you using the latest version of TestLog (V3.0 Build 1026)?

      If you can access the files though explorer you should be able to access them in TestLog as the same user permissions should apply, if you navigate to the Test Cases folder in Explorer are you able to open any of the test cases in a text editor?


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        Conversation was moved to email, problem turned out to be some (non TestLog related) automated scripts changing the folder permissions.