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    I'm evaluating TestLog at the moment... so sorry for the silly question(s)

    1) Can we restrict the Web frontend so that testers can only change the Test status (Pass / Fail) and enter Bug data... ?

    2) I can't see any Add bug in the edit area... I had set up and it works in the Client.

    3) How much control do we have on the layout of the Tests when in Test mode ... not Editor mode ?? (client & Web)
    ie.. I want a way that some users can Develop tests... but then other users can only use the test and add Test Results and Bug details



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    1. You should be able to edit the PrjTestCaseEdit template and remove the _EDIT tags (or replace with _DATA tags) for fields you don't want the users to change.

    2. It sounds like you need to update the :ADDBUGPATH: value in the CGI config file. When this is valid an add bug button will be added to the edit page.

    3. In web mode the templates are currently project wide and can't be restricted to individual users. You could still have 2 sets of templates, one for the users that are creating/developing the tests and one for users restricted to updating a few results fields but there are no security permissions to block the normal users from selecting the developer templates.

    It would probably be a better solution to have your testing users use the web version with the restriced edit templates and the developers using the standalone version of TestLog for full control.


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      Thanks for this...
      I can now get the Web Bug entry to work.

      I will have to read the manuals for editing the Templates... unless there is an easy way ??


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        OK, sorted most of my templates...
        a couple more questions...

        1) how can I pre-populate some of the fields... like.. Tester, No. Of attempts, Time & date of Attempt

        2) how can I add some error handling... ensure that when a test has failed the user enters a Fault Report

        3) I have not worked out software versions... I have a project.. say 4.2 software... but this takes many interim versions to get to this release... How we apply a Test software version to a Test Case via the webpage... It only has a blank field... the client has a drop down box.
        I envisage my testers to be given a Testsuite with in a project and they are told to use a particular version... if during testing a New version comes along to fix some bugs then the Test suite gets updated to reflect new version...
        However I will have may projects running different strands of the same code base.. ie 3.7 or 3.6... these all have different versions and test suites



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          1. There are some examples on the forum in this thread and this thread.

          2 & 3. These are on our list of requested features and will be considered for the next major version.