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  • percentage of completion

    I'm now evaluating firmware which contain of 100+commands and no test cases are created before. So If i want to know the percentage of completion, can i preset the number of total test cases first?

    for example, I already new there is 100 commands (100 test suite), then I want the status is:
    for each passed test suite, the percentage will be
    [100(preset value) - 1(passed test suite)]/100

    can this done at testlog,so thecan report the status of completion everyday althought the test plan is not completed yet.
    If yes, then it will be good i can do this at test duration also. (preset the schedule=20days, then time used = 20days -each test suite test duration....)

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    You can't pre-set a value for the percentages calculated by the status report and the general options "extra information option" (that displays the % passed in the project test cases root folder), it will only display a percentage based on the number of current test cases.