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Testlog to SQL Server database migration

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  • Testlog to SQL Server database migration

    I would like to find out if there exists any possibility to migrate the test log database to Microsoft SQL server 2008 express edition? If yes, could any help me in providing guidelines on how to do this?


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    Currently no, there isn't a way to use a third party database with TestLog and at the moment there are no future plans for adding such a feature.

    The test cases are stored in XML, and as such there isn't a huge need to move them into SQL. Although SQL might give better performance in the case of huge databases, the current scheme avoids a lot of database configuration and maintenance problems .


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      We currently use Testlog in our environment. We apparently have a little big database consisting of about 20,000 test cases. If a user tries to open it, it initially takes about 3 to 5 minutes to open. So, i was thinking to move some of the test cases to a SQL database to increase the performance of the testlog. Additionally, we sometimes run into issues when different users try to update the test case content. We have to refresh the testlog to see the new updated information which eventually eats up some more time. I'm not sure if there are other flavors of testlog that contemplates this situation.


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        Yes, 20,000 test cases in a single database is a lot.
        Can you divide up database in some logical fashion. e.g. by product, or by year, or by test type. e.g. Have several smaller databases of say 5000 test cases each.


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          Move the database to a SSD or create a Mem Drive on your server.

          I cant say 4 sure how much it would help, because it is loaded via your network.

          But I would bet 2 crates of beer that you would see a massive improvment.