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  • Export of Test Plans

    I have a query regarding format of test plan. When we complete a Project Test Cases, it is part of our process to send these out for review. Certain parts of the organisation dont have access to the web version so cannot review via this method.
    Exporting to CSV (or excel) does not lend itself to easy review. Also to send the web pages files is not necssarily the best method as it contains all information that is not relevant to review and navigation can have a few issues.
    Is they any method to export the Test Case to a word processing document?
    Thanks again for your assistance

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    If you export the project as HTML and select the "Export as a single HTML file" option it will only create one HTML file (the images are still seperate) and you should be able to open this file in Word and edit / save it in a different format as required.


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      Have you guys thought of applying the 'Test Case List' report filter to the 'Test Details' report (or similar filter)? I have a similar situation where I need to export the test case details, but don't need every field displayed. If I could run the 'Test Details' report and filter out the fields I don't need, then I could just copy and paste to a Word doc.
      Any possibility?


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        An easier way of applying templates to the test case details report has been added to the list of requested features for future versions.