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  • TC order in HTML export

    Hi, I use the feature to export to HTML and I see in the HTML file that test cases are not ordered as I see them in TestLog. Is there a sorting criteria?

    In application, test cases are ordered by test case id, but I don't know how to order them in the same way in HTML file.

    I'm using TestLog v 3.0(1027)

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    It should sort the same for the web export as displayed in TestLog however there is a slight difference in the sort function that i've been able to pinpoint so this will be fixed in the next build.

    Could you please post a sample of the test case names being sorted in TestLog vs the export order in the exported file so we can check the sorting functions as it should.


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      I found it

      There is no sort criteria in HTML file: is not tests IDs, not test title, not even creation date. They are scrambled.

      Tim, thank you for the hint. I found the workaround: In TestLog, I go to a test suite and click somewhere on the sort bar (Id, Title, Status .. it doesn't matter). After this, if I choose to export, test cases are ordered correctly in HTML file. But I have to do this for each suite which I want to see it ordered.