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Prevent automatic conversion of databases

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  • Prevent automatic conversion of databases

    As a frequent user of TestLog in an R&D environment (and with me a whole lot of software engineers, test engineers, etc.), we sometimes encounter problems regarding the automatic database upgrade.

    The problem is illustrated in the following example:
    All engineers run a specific version of TestLog, e.g. version 3.2, and they all make use of the same TestLog database. Someone installs a newer version of TestLog, e.g. version 4.0 and opens the database. The database is now automatically converted into a newer version. Opening this specific database with an older version (e.g. 3.2) is not possible anymore. Eveyone using the database must upgrade to the new 4.0 version of TestLog.

    To prevent this situation I want some mechanism to control the database conversion.

    Q1: Is this already on the map for the new version 4 release?
    Q2: Are other users also having problems with this?

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    If it a major change (eg opening a V2 datasbase in V3 of TestLog) there won't be an automatic conversion as there is a warning prompt explaining the required change and recommending to backup and then the process must be manually started when the upgrading dialog is displayed.

    If a database is opened with a newer minor version of TestLog (eg both version 3 but different builds) the newer version is recorded in the database. Then when an older version of TestLog attempts to open it a warning message is displayed but will still be able to open the database (available since Version 3.0 build 1018 ).

    Refining this updating process and adding more control over it is on our list of features to be considered for the next major version.