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How to customize the print layout of Test Suites

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  • How to customize the print layout of Test Suites

    I want to print my test case report in a PDF file.
    I manage to do that, and to enable the footer (containing the data and time, as well as the page numbers).
    But I also need to add some informations in the header of each pages : the company logo, and a document reference.
    I guess that this feature is not available at the moment, and I don't found any work around.

    - Could you help me to find a way to add a header in the page layout?
    - Is it possible to add that feature in future releases of TestLog?

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    It isn't currently possibly to add a header appear on each individual page, however you can add a company logo at the start of the test case report by editing "TestCaseReportTemplate.html" to include an <image> entry that points to your logo.

    We'll keep in mind adding a configurable header for printing for a future version.


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      Thank you for your answer.
      Yes, I did what you describe in order to add the company logo.
      As a turn around, I use FireFox to print the test cases report. This way, I can manage to set the header and footer as I want. This is not a perfect solution, but it works.