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setting test case status via context menu (right click)

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  • setting test case status via context menu (right click)


    It's been a few years now since I used test log, but I was looking to get it adopted at my current workplace, and I decided to download the trial just to jog my memory so I'll be able to give a quick demo. I was just wondering- one thing I remembered was, during a test pass under the 'Projects' folder I used to be able to right click a test case and just select pass/fail/postpone etc. I really have a strong memory of this or something very similar, but as I'm looking around now I'm unable to do that. Was this something changed in later versions, or is there some setup I need to do or something?

    Am I really just crazy and remembering wrong?...


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    It's never been possible to do this for individual test cases but you can do it for the whole test suite, by right clicking on the test suite in the treeview and choosing the required function from the "Update all test cases" option.