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    I am new to the Web version of Testlog and would like to know about it more. Help files and feature description does not include the information I need.

    1. Is it possible to create reports within the web version e.g running the report wizard?
    2. How can make the changes by adding Java script?
    3. Is it possible to have admin permissions on the web version like the ones on the regular version such as options, config and so on?

    Thank you,


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    From the FAQ,

    Q. What are the differences between the web access module and TestLog?
    • The web access version needs to be installed on a web server and access through a browser
    • Only test cases and project test case can be edited in the web access version
    • Only test cases / project test cases and test suites / project test suites can be created in the web version. No other new items (projects, reports, users, configs, filters etc) can be created in the web access version, they must be created using the standalone version
    • No items can be deleted using the web access version
    • The standalone version is used to administer the access rights and passwords for users of the web access version

    I am not sure what changes you are referring to in your second question, but you could add some Javascript in the HTML template files if you wanted. (look up "display templates" in the HTML file).

    Not sure if I understand the 3rd question.


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      Thanks a lot for the info.
      One and 3 are clear now.

      What I meant by changes is adding functions like adding incrementation of test cases attempts, adding a timer tot he test cases duration etc.
      Is it done in the HTML? or by Java script and then how?

      Thank you,



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        There is already a function to increment test cases attempts, so I am not sure why you would want to add Javascript for this.

        There is code in this old post for a timer.


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          Ok, I got it. thanks!