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IIS7 - Manual is not very usable :)

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  • IIS7 - Manual is not very usable :)

    Trying to setup our Testlog program on the live server now.

    Had it running with apachee and wamp before, but easy....


    Most of the information in the manual is a bit hard to follow.
    Since IIS7 is so much different.

    I think I will get it working today, Im no IIS ninja either. So I migth be the only moron

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    I have to give the locally created user membership of the local\Administrator rigths before I can assign him to the Application Pool´s Identity


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      Finnaly got it up and running a bit....

      My steeps so far...

      I had to rename the testlog.cgi into a .exe file.

      Then addes executions rigths like this.

      Now I could finnaly get Testlog running, Still have to activly open the .exe file, but it is running now.

      Then I was met with this error

      Unable to open session.The directory for TestLog session files (TEMPDIRABS in the configuration) cannot be accessed or the config file has not been correctly setup
      Tried to add my Local user with full rigths NTFS and share rigths to the

      Dident work.

      Then Changed to

      That worked.

      But I dont think it is very safe to have the temp files acessable via the webserver...


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        It isn't just you.
        IIS is really awful to get configured correctly.

        Section 16 in the current Testlog manual covers the main steps.
        and there is a bit more info on page 82 under the heading, "Setting Up Binary CGI Support For A Windows IIS Server"

        but it is still far from trivial. Apache is much easier.


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          I have it working now.

          Spent a MILLION hours, documented almost everything.

          So far I have spent 15-25 hours on this HAHAH...
          Dident know much about IIS 7.5 before, but now I have Vbulletin and TestLog working on it

          No Apache ....

          We are purchasing licenses now, for about 8-900 $

          So I hope the time and energy you guys have put into my passmark project is not considered wasted

          I would like to provide my documentation for you, but I dont fell like writing an implementation guide

          I would rather help out by providing what I know and helping to set it up in your lab / mine

          if you want please send me some contact info in a PM or I can send mine


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            Our contact details are here,

            We'll be happy to have a look at what you have done.


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              Originally posted by passmark View Post
              Our contact details are here,

              We'll be happy to have a look at what you have done.
              Cool, sent it all the 02/02

              I will be changing jobs from the 15 or march so I dont belive I will have any options to help out testing.

              And please dont misunderstand me, I have no doubth that passmark could set up IIS your selfs.

              I just spent to much time on it that I would like to contribute