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Editor not working in Windows 7 SP1

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  • Editor not working in Windows 7 SP1

    I just added Windows updates for version 7; I'm now running Windows 7 SP1. The test case editor has stopped working. I can't enter/edit any text. Also, the menu options Insert, Format and Table have gone inactive.
    Any ideas?
    (It still works fine in XP SP3)

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    We just installed Win7 SP1 onto a test machine but we weren't able to reproduce the problem, the HTML editor functioned as expected.

    Could you please run TestLog in debug mode, by using the command line parameter /debug, replicate the problem and then send us a copy of the TestlogDebug.txt file (itwill be created at C:\ProgramData\PassMark\TestLog). If you could send us a copy of the test case you were trying to edit too that would be great.

    Our contact details are available here.