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Some more problems (date)

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  • David (PassMark)
    Yes, I think you are correct. There is an error in the documentation.

    I believe the list of fields should be,

    Build Tested TEXT
    External Results Link TEXT
    Result Notes TEXT
    Created Date DATE
    Last Update DATE
    Created By TEXT

    So the the 'Result Notes' should be moved from the end of the list to the position indicated above.

    We will check this on Monday and update our documentation.


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  • Sarah
    started a topic Some more problems (date)

    Some more problems (date)


    if I will import my project test case, I will get the error "wrong date format for date (should be YYYY-MM-DD or DD-MM-YYYY). Using todays date.

    But in every date filed the format should be correct.

    This is the text in my .csv:

    case,SPEC SI 13 20 0E Bodensituation,54-2-1,Uebertragung Position,2:00,Funktionalitaet,SWtest,xp,UC1,pass,2,2005-11-30,3:00,SA,2,328,,V0.4,2005-09-07,c:\eigene dateien\ergebnisse,2005-10-30,2005-11-30,SA,SA,gestartetes SW,1 Menue aufrufen,Position wurde uebertragen,notiz1,notiz2,,1,xyz
    Maybe because of this error testlog will arrange the fields in a wrong order (compare with page 21 in testlog users manual). Up to created by (author in testlog) everything is ok, after this filed the import is wrong.
    "updated by" is filled with "prerequisites and initial condition", "Prerequisites" is filled with "test description and steps" and so on.