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  • Symbols in procedures

    I'd like to insert symbols into my procedures, like degrees, theta, etc. I was able to insert these symbols into a word document, then paste into the procedure with no problem. After closing the edit window, I see that the degree symbols were stored correctly, but theta was replaced with '?'. Any suggestions on how to fix this?


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    This is because of the differences between the font that was pasted and the font that TestLog stores the text and displays text in. Any symbols in the standard ASCII character set will be saved and displayed, but symbols that aren't will most likely be unable to be displayed. You can also enter these symbols by holding down the ALT key and typing their code, eg for a "" hold down ALT and type 0189.

    As a workaround you can also use the HTML entity code for the characters, such as "Θ" for theta but as we are due to be overhauling the text input method for the next major version this method might give unpredictable results in the future.