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    Does anyone have any thoughts on how to define and retrieve test sets in Testlog. We have a large group of test cases that are shared across many products. Each products uses a unique set of test cases. Currently, it is a very laborious task to build a test project as it has to be done manually by dragging and dropping from the Test Case folder into a Project folder.

    My current thought is to define the test sets in Excel or .csv. and write a ruby script to build the Projects. Before I do that, just wanted to see how other Testlog users handle this.

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    I assume you have already grouped the test cases into sub-folders and you are dragging the sub-folders across, not the individual test cases?

    We aren't aware of any external tool to build up projects.


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      The test cases are grouped into folders and sub-folders in a logical manner. However, based on the options available on a given product, it may use some or all of the cases within a folder.

      Example - Folder "Network Settings" Contains test cases for IPv4 and IPv6. Some products do not support IPv6 yet. So, I have to manually pick the pick test cases related to IPv4 for.

      This is just one example of many situations that are included in our regression test cases.

      I could build a regression set for each product but there would be tremendous duplication not to mention problems with test case maintenance

      Thanks -


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        There isn't currently a way to create new project based on certain pre-set configurations of test cases other than by separating them into distinct folders, perhaps the IP4 and IP6 should be separated out into their own sub folder.