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Evaluation Test Log - Question about configurations

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  • Evaluation Test Log - Question about configurations

    Question about Test Configurations and Resources.

    We want to split our testing up across multiple browsers and track results that way.

    At first I thought using a test configuration would be the answer, but then I noticed that there are no reports generated on them. I think I need to create a seperate project for each browser type?

    How do I tell that I tested 50% of the test cases on IE 6.0 and only 10% on IE 5.5

    Keep in mind I have a matrix of 6 browsers and 3 server versions. So each test I run has to be done on 18 seperate combinations.

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    Yes configurations was meant for this type of thing. However we assumed that if a single config failed then the entire test was a fail until all configurations passed.

    If you need to assign a separate pass and fail to each browser type then you need a test for each browser type. You can't assign for example, 10 passes and 6 fails to a single test case.

    Yes, a seperate project for each broswer type would work I think.