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  • Multi Edit Limit?

    I've been doing multi edits on test cases. It's been going great. That is, until about half an hour ago when I started TestLog and selected 16 test cases to edit.

    Click image for larger version

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    I get a message that says 36 files can't be added because I've hit the multi edit limit of 1000.

    1. I JUST restarted TestLog before this happened.
    2. I only selected 16 cases.

    Does anyone have an idea what's going on? Do I need to reboot completely before selecting more sets? I've already made sure everything in TestLog is unlocked and no one is in the project folder I'm working in.

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    Could you please check the contents on disk (using windows explorer) of the folder for the project test cases you selected and check that it matches the file list you are seeing in TestLog (ie there are no temporary files that have been created in this folder for any reason).

    Does this happen each time you select these same project test cases? Are you able to edit them individually?


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      For some reason the .lck files were still in the folder, even though I'd done the "unlock all" and none of the test cases were showing the locked icon. I was also able to edit them individually before I deleted the .lck files. Just not as a group.

      It's fixed now, though. Thank you!