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Parse HTML Test Description from exported csv test cases

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  • Parse HTML Test Description from exported csv test cases

    I have a test suite that i am sharing with another division within my company that is not using testlog. They like to use some of my exisitng test cases to support a similar product.

    Our goal is to parse the HTML Test Description from the "Export Test Cases" to csv to a plain text format.

    Do you have a tool or can recomend a tool or approacht hat will parse the text from HTML?

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    The simplest way is in Microsoft Excel you can do a replace all on a selected column by selecting the column, opening the "Find and Replace" window, changing the "Search" option to "By Columns", entering "<*>" for the "Find" string and adding a single space " " to the "Replace" string. By leaving the "Search" field as rows and not selecting a column you can apply it to the whole file.

    Be aware this will not remove any HTML entities (like &nbsp; &amp; etc) and it will remove most of the formatting (so text that was divided onto separate lines will likely now appear on the same line).

    Microsoft Word also seems to do an OK job of stripping the HTML tags out for display but will display quite a confusing amount of text (hard to tell which fields are where). If you open the CSV file from Word and when the "Convert File" dialog prompt is displayed select "HTML Document".