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    One thing that seems to be missing is a simple way to attach screenshots (and maybe other simple pics) to test cases. These are really useful when it comes to explaining a test for a gui, or when recording results of a gui failure (error msg etc).

    I realise that the external document link could be used, but that only allows for one link and means we have to manage a directory of these somewhere which are intrinsically liked with testlog. Could testlog not let you paste in attachments which it saved to the testlog "database" file system?


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    Currently, other than the link fields, you can also link to images/external documents using file:// and http:// links. These will be displayed as clickable links rather than display the image in the test case.

    In the next version of TestLog you will be able to use <img> html tags to add images into test cases that will be displayed through TestLog. You will still need to manage a directory of images though, which we would recommend storing in the database directory (or http:// links for complete consistency between local and exported copies).