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Database import issues

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  • Database import issues

    We have two users and two keys for your software.
    we exported one database to a .csv file and are trying to import it into the other system.
    The 2nd system is not letting us create a new database. if we cannot create a new database we cannot import the database file. How do we go about importing this file and creating the new database in the 2nd computer?

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    Your descriptions seems to indicate a permissions issue for the file location on the computer. For testing, when you create a new database, can you place the database in a directory on the "Desktop"?

    The procedure for backing up and restoring a database can be found in the FAQ, which I have also copied below:

    Q. How do I backup or move my database to another location?

    Because TestLog uses a lightweight XML database, backing up the database is an extremely simple process.
    1. Locate your database root directory. This will usually be "Program Files\TestLog\<DatabaseName>".
    2. Add the entire contents of this directory and all sub directories to a zip file.
    3. The zip file now contains your database. You may copy this to tape or floppy disk, or even send it to someone via email.

    To restore the database, unzip the backed up database to your TestLog application directory, usually "Program Files\TestLog". You can then load the database in TestLog.


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      We already did this procedure and the 2nd user is now able to view and look at the test cases in the same. But when he tries to modify or create a new test case it says that he does not have permission to do this. so question is - how do we give the permission on the 2nd computer to modify or add to this database?


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        This still sounds like a file/directory permissions issue. If you go to the directory of the copied/moved database and right click on it, select Properties. Under the "Security" tab, can you check to make sure the logged in Windows' user has the write permissions to the directory.

        If you are still having issues, can you post or send in a screenshot of what the exact error message that is being displayed. And the permission to the database directory for the user.