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Windows 98 Support Ending - Breakdown of operating system usage

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  • Windows 98 Support Ending - Breakdown of operating system usage

    Following Microsoft's decision to terminate support for Windows 98 in July 06 we are planning to do the same for the next major release of Testlog.

    Estimates available on the web from around the end of 2005, said that there were still ~10% of users running Windows 98/ME.

    We done some analysis of people using our software during late November 2006 and this is what we came up with.

    The number of Windows 98 users now appear to be only 1.5%. By terminating support for Windows 98, NT and ME we are running the risk of alienating 2% of our users. These users will either need to continue using TestLog V2 or upgrade to a more recent O/S.

    On the other hand TestLog 3 will support Vista which already appears to be more popular than 98 amongst our users, despite not being released as yet.

    Surprisingly there were very very few Linux users. However there was a group of users, about 4%, (excluded from the above graph) for which we could not conclusively determine their O/S type. The details for the graph were generated from roughly a million hits on our web site.