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UNC paths in cgiconfig.cfg

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  • UNC paths in cgiconfig.cfg


    I'm trying out the new v3 remote web access functionality.

    Our TestLog databases are not on the IIS web server. Is there any way to reference these as UNC paths from the cficonfig.cfg. There is a note on how to achieve this for Apache, but we use IIS.



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    It appears to be similair to the Apache solution, in that the IIS service is running as a user that can't access the network.

    On the server running IIS create a new user, eg TestLogIIS, ensuring that the "User must change password at next login" is unchecked (if available) and the "Password never expires" option is checked (if available).
    Once the user has been created add them as a member of the "IIS_WPG" group, this will enable the access permissions it requires to run.

    Open the IIS Manager, create a new application pool, eg TestLog.
    Open the properties for it and click on the Identity tab, set the user name to the previously created user and enter the password.
    Go to the Testlog direcotry under the websites (or the directory where you have placed the Testlog files in your IIS folder) and go to it's properties. Change the application pool to the one just created.

    Restart the application pool and you should be able to view the database with the UNC path.
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      Thanks for the instructions. I tried it and it still isn't accepting this in my config:

      \\\files\Testing\TestLogDBs\SQL Compare 6.0
      C:\Program Files\TestLog3\SampleDB

      When clicking on the link, I'm getting:
      Unable to open session.
      The database path does not exists or cannot be accessed (\\\files\Testing\TestLogDBs\SQL Compare 6.0).

      Any ideas?



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        Experimentally I tried putting a TestLog DB on my local HDD but using the C$ default share in order to test the UNC address, at \\localhost\c$\SampleDB2\ and yet got the same message.


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          The C$ default doesn't actually share files to the network, it functions as a hidden share used for administrative purposes. You will need to specifically share the folder with the database, ensuring the correct read/write permissions are set for the user/group that the IIS server will be running as.

          Once the share is working you should be able to access it through explorer using \\computername\SampleDB2\, which will be the same path to put into the cgiconfig.cfg file.


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            I've got it working now, thanks. However, the way I had to do it was to set the cgi-bin properties/Directory Security/Authentication and Access Control/Username and password to a user who has access to the share.

            Actually I've just got it working by disabling anonymous access so users would have to put in their own windows credentials. I tried this earlier but couldn't get it working. Strange. Must have been caching something.

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              Have you tried this in apache?

              Originally posted by dvdtknsn View Post
              I've got it working now