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what IS the maximum path allowed?

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  • what IS the maximum path allowed?

    Hi guys,

    Today, I'm getting an error when I try to pull generic test cases into a project. The error seems to be related to the length of the Project Name.

    1) I originally labeled my project "Regression Test 123456" and then tried to drag a suite of tests into the project. I get:

    "Unable to copy a file: the system cannot find the path specified. Please check that you have write permission and that the path length is not too long." It then appears to butcher the copy. Some tests that belong under the suite that I originally drug up to the project now appear NEXT TO the suite in the project. I can't select the tests and delete them because they don't appear to really be there.

    2) If I create another project labeled "Regression Test 12345", I don't get the error and everything appears at first glance to copy OK.

    3) Now, I can rename "Regression Test 12345" to something that is one character longer. "Regression Test 123457", for example. I am allowed to do this. (That doesn't seem right.) If I then try to delete project "Regression Test 123457", I will get a msg that says: "Unable to delete file: The directory is not empty".

    SO...I guess my questions are:

    1) What is the maximum path length? (So I can be careful not to exceed it.)
    2) Are there plans to add edit checks so that we can't inadvertently exceed the path length limit?


    - Tara

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    The maximum windows path length is 260 characters.

    As such, Windows doesn't enforce it's own path length restrictions in a lot of areas which makes checking for file creation failures difficult a lot of the time. There are already many checks when creating file that it doesn't exceed the path length but windows can still find ways to get around it, eg mapping a shared directory to a drive letter will allow files to be created longer than the allowable path length which then can't be properly accessed by any path not using the mapped drive letter.

    When creating a project keep in mind that there are subdirectories created under the project directory, so the project may not exceed the path length, and neither will the subdirectories but any files created in them may have a very limited length.

    We will look at adding some more warning messages when creating projects if it is approaching the maximum path length.


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      Thanks for the info Tim...that will help me stay out of trouble!

      - Tara