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Testlog 3.0 Crashing during virus scan

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  • Testlog 3.0 Crashing during virus scan

    Has anyone else experience crashing of testlog 3.0 during virus scans using AVG? This occurs during a save of a test case or a create project test case. It seems repeatable, but I do not see this consistantly! AARRG!

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    We haven't found any problems with avg scanning causing crashes, how often is it happening, maybe it was coincidence?

    Is it possible to schedule the virus scan to a time when the database is not being used, although we can't find any obvious reason for the scan to affect TestLog, changing the scan to a different time would be an easy way to solve the problem.

    Could you also provide more details about the actual crash. Is there an error message? What O/S are you using? What version of AVG are you using? Have you see it crash even when AVG is not running? Does the test case actually get saved? Did just Testlog crash or did the whole machine crash?, etc..


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      Tim, It is just Testlog, it seems to be a locked file (not testlog locking, but OS Level locking). Once it happens again I will capture the data.

      As for saving the testcase, it was saved.