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Output to HTML is all over the place with test cases

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  • Output to HTML is all over the place with test cases

    Fields are shifted from their descriptors

    Using Classic style (other cause same issue)
    Export a project to the Web (single File)
    (It creates Multiple files (style sheet, progress report.gifs status report.gif and images dir)
    Fields are Way off AARRG
    General Testing: Custom Link Verfication

    Test Type Test Phase 00:15
    Suite: General Testing

    Fitness for use Test Configurations Test Resources Alpha Vista - 32bit Test Status Number of Test Attempts System - SITTEST-02 Fail Time of Last Attempt & Date of Last Attempt Testers 6-Mar-2007 1 01:00 Expected Test Duration (HHH:MM) Actual Test Duration (HHH:MM) Application Install - links 22:51:08 Fault Report(s) Change Request ID(s) FMays, TAutrey
    Test Updated Time & Last Updated Date Test Creation Time & Test Creation Date 6-Mar-2007 16:50:40 6-Mar-2007 nu Author Update By 16:50:40 TAUTREY Version Tested Build Tested Results Obtained
    1 Requirements Results
    Prerequisites TAutrey Test Description
    Expected Results 1. Run the setup.exe installer and during the installation
    1a. Select NOT to create the various start menu and desktop links.
    2. Once the install is complete,
    2a. Verify that the links not chosen
    • Were not installed
    • The applications still function from other links
    • The Applications function directly from the installation directory.
    Results Obtained 1111 Result Notes external link External Result Link
    Notes Field 1 If Links
    • Addition Links appear
    • Links do not exectute properly
    • Programs fail to execute
    The Test Fails! Notes Field 2
    External Description Link

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    The field should probably read "1 HTML file" instead of 1 file, as stated on the help page separate files still need to be created for the report images, the styesheet can be embedded so this be added for the next release.

    The extra / out of place field seems to only be for the test case reports? Do they appear correctly in the normal TestLog view?


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      In teh Viewer all is fine in my world, it's just in the Output to WEB. As for the issue, it also occurs even with a multi-file HTML.

      Hope this helps.