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HTML Editor incompatible with Windows NT 4.0??

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  • HTML Editor incompatible with Windows NT 4.0??


    When I use Testlog 3.0 at home on my Windows XP SP2 machine everything works fine. But at work on a Windows NT 4.0 machine I have some problems with the HTML Editor.

    When I write some text in the HTML Editor (a numbered list for instance) and I close the editor, the html-code is shown in the appropriate field in the Test case Edit-screen. Now when I open the HTML Editor again, the html-code is shown as if it is the text I wrote. When I close the HTML Editor again, al brackets are replaced with "&lt;" and "&gt;". The (new) text is then placed between <PRE> </PRE> tags.

    Is this a problem of incompatibility with Windows NT 4.0 or is there some setting that causes this problem?

    Thanks for your help.


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    We don't support Windows NT4 with the V3 release of Testlog.

    To be honest we are surprised that you got as far being able to open the editor. I would have guessed it would fail before this. We didn't do any testing on NT4 and don't even have a NT4 test machine available any more.

    Microsoft pulled the plug on NT4 support a couple of years ago. So it seemed futile to continue support. We warned we were planning on dropping NT and Windows 98 support about 4 months ago after we determined that only 0.16% of our users were on NT.


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      I see... Well, I'll just have to live with it. Will do most of the editing on my laptop than.



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        Windows 2000

        Okay, I have the same problem with Windows 2000 as mentioned in the first post of thsi thread...

        What can be done to solve this? Anybody else with the same problem?


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          I can replicate the same behaviour on a win2k system here so we'll look into how to stop the pre tags being added.


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            Is there any chance this problem will be solved in the next release?


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              I think we may have found a solution for the 2k problem, could you please download this version of the HTML editor,, and replace your current TestLogHTMLEdit.exe with it (rename your old one if you wish to keep it as a backup).


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                Thanks. Will give it a try when I get to work this Thuesday (don't have W2K at home) and let you know if it works.


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                  Problem is solved with this new version of HTMLeditor. Thanks!!