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Generic to project test case: requirements not passed

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  • Generic to project test case: requirements not passed

    Boy I am just all over this forum today.

    I created a number of generic test cases. Because we don't have a requirements management tool, and keep requirements in a spreadsheet, in the "requirements" field I entered a requirement number and brief name that each test case traces to. This seemed to work fine in generic test cases and was saved appropriately.

    However, when I copied my test cases and pasted them into a suite in my project, creating project test cases, the data I entered in requirements was lost, and that field is blank in all my project test cases. Yikes!

    I also noticed that the order of display is different in both types. In generic test cases, the information displays in this order: Expected Duration, Prereqs, Requirements, Priority, Test Description, and so on. However in the project test case, allowing for the fact that expected duration is included in the summary header area, the fields then display in this order: Requirements, Priority, Prereqs, Test Description, and so on. So not only is requirements blank in the project test case, but it displays in a different order. Could that be related?

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    We'll look into the missing requirements field in when converting them to project test cases.

    The display order shouldn't affect it as this can be changed in the template files, so you can move the output for the requirements fields to where where you like it displayed.