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  • TestLog will not start

    Hi folks,

    We just ordered TestLog 3.0, and I had it running OK the other day but now it won't start.

    The issue, you see, is that I set my Window's machine back an hour when Daylight Savings started last weekend (it started early this year in the US). But TestLog is now questioning my integrity and giving me this message:

    "Your system clock apppears to have been set back, possilby in an attempt to defeat the security system on this program. Please correct your system clock before trying to run this program again..."

    So, I uninstalled the program, set my clock ahead an hour, rebooted and reinstalled. I still get the same error. I set it ahead an hour, and then a day, and then a few days and each time I get the same accusatory message.

    We then ordered 3 licenses, but alas, I am unable to even get the program started to enter the key.

    And ideas on how I can get this thing going? I'm on Windows XP.


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    I have sent you a PM with a special key and directions on how to fix this problem.