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Need numerical sorting - also bug found

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  • Need numerical sorting - also bug found


    I am a test engineer evaluating your product, as my company are seriously considering using your application for our test case management, but have struck one serious wall. The sorting...

    We need to be able to title our many many test cases numerically, so that when bugging against them, we can specifiy which exact step in the test, in order of number, we found it. However, your alpha only sorting capability makes this impossible for us... Why you have chosen to do it this way baffles me as people will want numerical too!!!! The nature of the testing that we do means to try and force us to have written ID's would be difficult.

    I need to be able to have titles like:

    Test 1.1 - Step 10

    If you are unwilling to add more flexibility to your sorting then we may have to reject using your application, which would be a great shame as otherwise it seems very useful and suitable.

    Also, , an associated bug is seen when creating testcases with the numbers 10, 11 etc at the end of them. It gets upset after creating them it seems, makes them identical in content, and eventually throws an error message like "Cannot find the file specified" when you try and open them, despite showing it to the right-hand side regardless!

    It also shows this message when trying to delete the suddenly offending test case. This starts to happen as soon as you create more than one test case ending in double figures. i.e. one ending in "10" and then the next ending in "11"

    Why are you being so restrictive with the sorting pray tell, it is a real weak point???

    (Tested on Windows XP)

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    I ditto this, the sorting need fixing, this is a sticking point! I'm ready to order but I too need to decide on how I sort!


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      I believe we will be able to change the sorting to match this, as the newest build is going up right now it won't be added until the next release.

      For the test cases ending in digits bug, i can't seem to replicate this at all. Would you be able to send me a test database that show the problem. The path length isn't getting too long and reaching the windows maximum (260 characters) is it?