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Generate multiple reports (for different test suites) at the same time?

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  • Generate multiple reports (for different test suites) at the same time?

    When we generate reports for our test usage, we would like to have a separate report for each test suite we have (one test pass includes many different components of our software we develop). It's great having reports for the overview of how well our QA team is progressing, but it would also be really great to have an easy way to generate a separate report for each different top-level test suite. We currently have 18 different components for testing, so manually creating all these reports and renaming them can take a long time, especially if we want to generate multiple types of reports...

    It would be great if you could generate multiple status (or every type of) reports at the same time, one for each top level test suite... i'm imagining a checkbox in the report wizard on the page where you select the test suites, that says something like "generate a separate report for each test suite". The reports would then have to be named something unique, which could be simply the ID or title of the test suite, followed by everything else that is already in the name of the report (for my use case it would create reports with the following name "01 Monitor - Status report - 2007-3-23-1"). If you are generating status update reports every day, like we do, this would be a huge timesaver.

    Also, is there a way to output the raw data from the reports into excel (or a CSV document)? That could also be very useful for status/progress tracking.

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    We'll keep this in mind for future version.
    You can do something similar using the command line parameters, setting each report to use only the suites you want and give it a name. You could then save the commands in a bat file and execute the file when you want to renew your reports.

    Only the list report can be exported to CSV.


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      I tried this with all kinds of reports, and it looks like list reports generated from the command line don't work... When I try to view them in the standalone software, Testlog crashes. When I try to view them in the web interface, they don't show at all.

      After further investigation, it looks like if you use the /o parameter, it works (/o 1111111111111111), but if you leave it off, it does not work.

      note: I'm running build V3.0 1003