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status reports not showing 'not yet attempted'?

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  • status reports not showing 'not yet attempted'?

    After setting a few custom fields, it looks like the status report does not count the 'not yet attempted' status. If you manually edit the test case, and set it to 'not yet attempted' it will display correctly, but if you create a new project, and generate the report without having edited any test cases, it makes the report very weird... It was drawing it with no status pie chart, and without the bar graph key. Once or twice, it actually crashed on me when trying to open the report.

    I don't think i edited the 'not yet attempted' field, but i may have changed it then changed it back. I did change the 'fail' to 'major bug' and added a new custom status 'minor bug' (w/ 'meaning' = 'fail').

    let me know if you need any more information to reproduce this.

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    I can't seem to reproduce it, how did you populate the project with test cases, by dragging them from the test cases branch, another project or from scratch?


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      I created the project test cases by dragging them from the test cases branch.

      It turns out i did rename 'Not yet attempted', to 'Not Yet Attempted' (note the capitalization change). Intermediately, i had also changed it to NYA. If i set it back to 'Not yet attempted' (with the same capitalization as the default) then the reports generate fine, but if the capitalization is different, it does not show any 'Not yet attempted' results in the report. I see the same behavior if I change the label to 'NOT YET ATTEMPTED' or 'not yet attempted'

      The funny thing is, the 'Not Yet Attempted' test cases show up fine everywhere else... they have the appropriate icons and colors as if it were the default spelling. It looks like the only place that the capitalization matters is in the status report.


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        Bug with customised status

        I came across a similar problem: it seams there are issues between the status text (customisable) and the status meaning (not customisable)

        I have customised the status field ("Not yet attempted" is now called "specified").
        When copying a Test Case into a Project Test Case folder, it gets it first status. The default status is "Not yet attempted", which I renamed to "specified".

        1. When I display the copied project test case, the status is displayed as "Not yet attempted" (that is the meaning) instead of the status text "specified".
        2. When I edit a test case, its status is changed to "specified".
        3. When I create reports, the test cases with status "Not yet attempted" are excluded from the reports.
        Question: How can I define the default status when copying a test case into a project test case?

        PS: I am using TestLog 3.0 1004.


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          We will look into adding a way of selecting the correct custom status to replace Not Yet Attempted to fix this problem.