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Build 1003, problem with testlog:// links

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  • Build 1003, problem with testlog:// links

    It looks like build 1003 has addressed an issue with testlog:// links in test cases, but I don't think it works properly. If I link from one generic test case to another, and then copy the first generic test case into a Project Test Case folder, the link DOES update now - but there must be a typo somewhere. If I examine the auto-generated link with View... Source in the project test case it now contains this in the middle - note incorrect spellling of "caseses":

    /Project Test Caseses/

    ... and hence the link does not work. Also, any plans for a "Back" button or similar when viewing test cases? I have many test cases sharing the same Expected Results via a testlog:// link; I follow the link, check the results, but cannot easily get back to the test case being used.

    Thanks - finding the product very useful!
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    Thanks for reporting this, it looks like the link is being assembled wrong after conversion, with "%20s" instead of spaces in certain spots causing the problem.

    We have been thinking about a back/forward operation similar to a web browser, depending how difficult it will be to implement we may put it in the next release.
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