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sub-suites for project test reports?

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  • sub-suites for project test reports?

    In my use case, we have a pretty highly structured tree system for our test cases. At the current level of organization, we have typically 3 levels of test suites before we hit any cases. It would be very useful for us to be able to generate reports at any level of these test suites, instead of just the parent test suite.

    for example, we have a project with 6 suites in it, and in one of those suites, we have 6 more suites, and in those suites, we have 10 test cases (so to access a test case we have to navigate 2 levels deep, or project test suites>suite 01>sub-suite 04>test case 004). This is a lot flatter than our actual use case, but it would be nice if we could generate a report for test suites at the sub-suite level (so only generating a report for sub-suite 04, instead of suite 01, which includes sub-suite 04 and many others).

    my guess is that this would be more easily implimented in the command line usage, so if we could only get it there, that would still be a huge help.


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    This is something we are planning to address in a future version.


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      Wow! I was about to post on this, so ....

      What Version? Currently I must put all cases directly under a suite in order to receive a report, I would love to 'Fix' this and instill a logical ordering.

      The sooner the Better!


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        We're working on it for the next release. Currently the project test case section of the tree-view for the selected project will be displayed in the report wizard, with each test suite entry having a check box allowing it to be selected for the report.

        For the command line it is a bit trickier, it may be the suite parameter is changed to point to a file containing a list of test suite paths in the style,
        Test Suite 1
        Test Suite 1\Child Suite1
        Test Suite 1\Child Suite2
        Test Suite 2
        so the children of a test suite can be properly referenced.