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auto-fill tester in web-app?

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  • auto-fill tester in web-app?

    Is there a way to auto-fill the tester field in the web-client? You can set the standalone app to automatically add the currently selected tester to the testers field, and since you have to log in to the web interface with one of those testers, it seems like you should have the option to automatically add the tester to the testers field. This would be a great time saver for our testing needs (we only want to edit around 5-8 fields when testing, so eliminating one can save a large percentage of time in performing test passes).


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    Also, it would be cool if there were a drop down list for testers to add, so instead of typing the full tester name, you could just select it from a list (just like how it already exists in the standalone version.


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      I just wanted to bring this back to the front page... As we continue to use the web app for our testing, having to type in the tester is slowing us down... We only edit around 4-5 fields (including the tester), so not having to type in the currently-logged-in user's name would potentially save us 20-25% of the time to fill out the tests.

      As i said in the initial post, this functionality already exists in the standalone software, and it would be a huge time-saver for our use case. Even just adding a 'get user' button (much like you did for the 'get date' functionality) would be a huge help, and since the web app should already know who the logged in tester is, it seems like it would be a trivial fix.


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        We'll add this for the next release, possibly as the button like you suggested so it isn't automatically added if it isn't required.