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  • V3 build 1005

    The latest build has just been released,

    The changes can be seen at

    Please take not of this important change,
    Changed behaviour of the customize status list, can move status's up or down the list and this is the order they appear in the drop down box during edit. The first entry is also used as the default entry. Please make sure to check this value is a status that makes sense for your existing database.
    please go to the customize status tab in the customise fields menu item for you database and check the first item is a status you want to be used as the default, such as the Not Yet Attempted status (or custom version) otherwise when you are creating new test cases they may be created with a status you did not expect.
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    This build has been updated to correct some issues with the digital signature, the build list in the customize settings and a reporting and filter issue, so you will need to re-download it if you did so prior to this post.