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custom builds in v3.0.1005 only show 2 digits!

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  • custom builds in v3.0.1005 only show 2 digits!

    When you type in a custom build in the new version of testlog and save it, it only seems to save the first two digits (so if you save build 38778, it only displays 38 ). Just to be sure it wasn't only a UI issue, i set the new build as default and created a few new project test cases, and it only filled in the first 2 digits (38 ) instead of the full value. This can be very problematic in our use case, because (as in yours i would assume) all of the build numbers we are currently on are well past the 2 digit length.

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    It seems it was only doing this to the very first entry in the list, does this match the behaviour you saw?

    The current build has been updated to fix this, as well as a digital signature issue for the installer that may have displayed a warning in IE when trying to download, so you can re download it from