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sorting by test suite in list reports broke

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  • sorting by test suite in list reports broke

    I remember at one point in time you could sort by test suite in the list report in the standalone software (the default is sorting by ID, which seems kind of silly to me). Currently when you click on the test suite header in the list report, the little arrow shows up indicating the sort order, but the actual order of the tests does not change. You can keep clicking on the test suite header, and the little arrow changes the direction it's pointing, but it never changes the sort order of the test cases in the list. You can sort by every other column header correctly except this one.

    In the web app it still sorts correctly by suite, which is what we are using more often (all of the testers will be using the web app to input their test results), but it's something that should be fixed.

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    Do the suites have any number in them? Particularly the start of their name, there is a current issue with sorting items that start with numbers that can cause them to be sorted incorrectly.