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Button "Reset TestCase" sets status to "Pass"

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  • Button "Reset TestCase" sets status to "Pass"

    bug in V3.0 Build 1005:

    1) Copy an executed Project testcase from 1 project to another.
    2) Open the Project Testcase in the second project.
    3) open the Test History TAB
    4) Press the "Reset Test Case"
    5) Press "OK" on the warning
    6) Press "OK" to exit the testcase

    - Project tescase is set to "pass" in the treeview
    - Project Test case has 2 enties in the test history:
    1 Test Creation = "not yet attempted"
    2 Test Update = "Pass"

    This is not correct.
    Additional info; first status in Settings/custom fields/Customize Status = "Not yet attempted"

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    Yes, I agree. This seems to be a new bug that we have introduced in the last patch. We'll need to fix it.


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      This has been fixed for the next release which will be out later this week.


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        NOT solved

        It still seems to be a problem in build 1007.

        (According to the solved issues of buiild 1007 it should have been solved):

        "Fixed bug where resetting a test case could set it to an incorrect status value, therefore adding an extra history entry. When the test case is reset the default status selected in the customise options is used."


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          If you go to customise fields in the settings and then the customise status tab you will need to move Not Yet Attempted (or your customised equivalent) to the top of the list.


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            As I stated in my first post of this thread:

            Additional info; first status in Settings/custom fields/Customize Status = "Not yet attempted"

            So this is already the case....


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              Could you please try this version, and let me know if there is any change.


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                I installed build1007ver2.

                1) I opened the testcase, and pushed the "Reset Test case button"
                2) I wait 10 sec
                3) I press the "OK" button
                4) I re-open the project test case /test history

                1) Testcase is status "Not yet attempted" (=correct)
                2) Test history indicates 2 events:
                - Test Creation + date/ timestamp (=correct)
                - Test Update + date/ timestamp (previous date/time + 10 sec)
                (= in my opinion not correct, I did not update the content of the test case, but you need to press "OK" to confirm the "Test Case Reset")
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