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  • xls import?

    I created an xls file per the testlog doc. I have 23 testcases that I am importing. The import fails and imports test cases 10-23, however test cases 1-9 are not imported. Note the test cases are identical except for the id number. The strange part is I can import test case 1 by itself.
    The other weird thing is after a failed/successful import I manually delete the test case but when reimporting the test cases the application generates messages indicating the test cases exist:
    Test Case or Test Suite already exist.
    Test case with ID "COM1" already exist in test suite "COM Suite". Overwrite?
    I click OK button.
    I get another message:
    Overwrite all conflicting test cases and test suites?
    I click Yes button.
    The I get another error:
    Error Line 3:
    Error creating XML file to represent test case.
    Check that the test case ID name is a valid filename and that all parent folders have been created in TestLog or the .CSV file.

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    I assume when you refer to a XLS file you don't actually mean an XLS file, and that you really mean a CSV file? Can you E-Mail us your CSV file and we'll try and to reproduce the problem (and then either fix your file, or fix the bug in our software).


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      I got it working. Thanks for the quick response.