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  • customizable breadcrumbs?

    I have ran into some problems with the web access trying to access test cases that are nested in really long path names, and as a workaround I have been forced to shorten all our test suite ID's to very short, un-informative names (typically something like 01-cfg, or 03-ECM. I stil have a few problems with extremely nested test cases (where there are like 4-5 test suites before reaching the test case)... The problem is partly that testlog seems to have a shorter path length limit in the web access, and that our product is rather huge (lots and lots of components/complexity) and our test cases are poorly organized (we have about 1500 test cases we need to run for each test pass)...

    What would be a great benefit for me would be to add the test suite title into the breadcrumbs, or otherwise be able to edit the breadcrumbs display to maybe just have the title, so we could have more useful information there. When we perform a test pass, and shorter ID's to allow more complicated testing structure, we only edit using the web interface (it limits the testers from being able to change the test cases without submitting the changes through an approval process), and the breadcrumbs only displaying the ID's can make it confusing for the testers to see exactly where they are in their testing.

    The customization of this product has greatly helped our testing, and was basically the reason we ended up purchasing testlog instead of some of your competitors... I would love to see it taken further than it is now, allowing us to gain full control over what our users can see.

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    It would probably be a bit tricky to implement, as each item in the breadcrumb string would need to be opened everytime to get the extra information, we'll keep it in mind for a future version though.