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Bridging the gap between the Map and the raw data

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  • Bridging the gap between the Map and the raw data

    WirelessMon has a nice mapping feature, but I want to know how to connect the indvidual honeycombs to raw data. We are looking at a sort of nice and automated system for doing wireless surveys and find WirelessMon to be close to perfect. We have the raw data and a nice colorful picture for those higher ups . Now if we could just find a way to tie data points... say the indexes from the connectedap log files... to the individual honeycombs. Or, just use the numbers captured when clicked.

    From a UI perspective, this could be accomplished with mouse overs. In printed form, each honeycomb gets a number. That number then corresponds to an index in a log file which logs all the data from the samples taken on the map (I personally don't use GPS, but when considering GPS, that would be an amazing, automated wireless system). The honeycomb size is already implemented which changes coverage area, but adding the sample data that is stored in memory for the map to a log would be great.

    If this isn't exactly implemented yet, is there a work around that I could implement?

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    To clarify, you are looking for a way to link the sample point / hexagon to a list of signal strengths for the access points detected at that time correct?

    There isn't any way to do this currently in WirlelessMon or as a workaround. We are thinking about adding a new toolbar button to the map tab to allow switching the function of the left mouse button between taking samples and displaying samples. In the display mode a dialog would be displayed listing ssid's/mac addresses and their strength.