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  • Rates Supported Error?

    I seem to be showing an error in the "Rates Supported" column of WirelessMon (v2.1013). WirelessMon is picking up my AP and my Bekin Range Expander but it only shows rates from 11 MB/s and lower for the Bekin Range Expander.

    Windows shows excellent strength at 54 MB/s. I have 2 pc's and two laptops in my wifi network. All of them are 802.11g capable except one laptop so my AP and Bekin Range Expander are running in mixed mode but I'm running WirelessMon on a 802.11g (54 MB/s) laptop.

    Why would WirelessMon show 11 MB/s for the Bekin Range Expander when Windows shows 54 MB/s?


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    Could you please try this debug version and see if it is still reporting the low speed,


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      Rates Supported Error

      I am getting the same error. I have a DLink DIR-655 which is connecting at 54Mbps, however it is showing up with a maximum rate of 11Mbps. I have tried the debug version and still the same result


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        Could you please download the most recent release, run it in debug mode and send us a copy of the log that gets created. Also what value are you using for the channel width setting of the Dlink?
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