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NDIS_802.11 and Dell mini-PCI adapter

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  • NDIS_802.11 and Dell mini-PCI adapter

    I am evaluating Wirelessmon software with my notebook Dell Inspiron 9200, and I can not get many fields information with the statistics panel where I got only N/A information.

    My wireless adapter is 'Dell dual band 1450 WLAN mini-PCI adapter' and reading more in the Device Administrador in my notebook, I got the following additional information:

    Controller provider: Broadcom
    Controler version:
    Digital sign: Microsoft Windows Hardware Compatibility Publis
    Device id: PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4324&SUBSYS_00031028&REV_03\4&39A 85202&0&18F0

    Reading first your FAQ probably it is not NDIS-811?

    Do you have some place where I can find which wireless adapter is or not is NDIS complain?..I ask directly to DELL without answer.

    Otherwise, the Wirelessmon software is very nce and usefull for us so if we are sure that thos miniPCI adapter does not work, we could buy other external PCMCIA wireless adapter, so do you know where I can find a list which PCMCIA wireless adapter are fully NDIS-802.11 and specially work fine (full) with Wirelessmon software?

    Tks in advance for your support,

    Awaiting your answer,
    Aldo Gilardino D.
    IT Senior Advisor

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    The fields that are available are really up to the manufacturer's discretion and we are yet to see any examples where all the information is available.


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      Looking for a WLAN PCMCIA adapter with noiser measurement

      Tim, tks for your fast answer!

      One of the main parameter to analyse a wireless network is the noise, and my internal WLAN card Dell 1450 WLAN card does not measure the noise; I tryed it with WirelessMoon in many different places with differents AP, and I saw the same noise value in all places.

      Could you tell me some WLAN PCMCIA adapters which can measure the noise level?

      Best regards,
      Aldo G.


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        WirelessMon won't be able to show a noise level, only the RSSI value reported by the card. The software that comes with the network card might show a nose level but i don't know of any examples to give you an idea of what to buy.